What is the role of the Delta Programme Commissioner?

The Delta Programme Commissioner is a government commissioner. His position is anchored in the Delta Act which came into force on 1 January 2012.

The Council of Ministers appointed the first Delta Programme Commissioner, Wim Kuijken, in November 2009, even before the final approval of the Delta Act, in order for him to start his work as quickly as possible. The Cabinet instructed him to draw up an annual Delta Programme and to ensure that progress would be made. The Delta Programme Commissioner serves as a liaison between the government, the provinces, water boards, and local authorities. He involves NGOs, knowledge institutes, and the business community in the programme, and monitors the cohesion between the various component parts of the Delta Programme. He also ensures that decisions are taken at the right time so that our country is and will remain protected from high water, in the long term as well, and that there is a sufficient supply of fresh water during dry periods. The Delta Programme Commissioner falls under the political responsibility of the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.

At the proposal of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Wim Kuijken was reappointed for another term as Delta Programme Commissioner, with effect from 1 February 2017. Wim Kuijken retired as of 1 January 2019 and was succeeded by Peter Glas as second Delta Programme Commissioner.