Strategic Decision on Sand

The sand along the Dutch provides our country with natural protection. Sand replenishment ensures that the amount of sand present is kept up to par.

Decision on Sand

The starting point of the Decision on Sand is to maintain the sand budget along the coast and to ensure that the coastal base remains in balance with the rising sea level. If necessary, more sand will be deposited. Whilst the primary goal of sand replenishment is to help preserve the coastline, it is also aimed at fostering local and regional objectives, wherever possible, in terms of an economically strong and attractive coast.

More knowledge is required in order to make more effective and more cost-efficient use of sand replenishment. For this reason, “learning while working” is an important component of the Decision on Sand: carrying out pilots, monitoring, conducting research, and using the results to underpin new decisions. Such efforts are being expended under the Coastal Genesis 2.0 research programme.