Delta Viewer

The Delta Viewer is an interactive presentation that addresses general topics. For example: what exactly are the water-related problems and issues facing the Netherlands? How is the Delta Programme translating these issues into (taskings and) solutions? How do measures implemented in one region impact another region’s water tasking? The latter involves, e.g., the adjustment of the Rhine tributaries discharge distribution. The Delta Viewer is intended to raise awareness of such issues.

Deltaviewer in English

The Delta Viewer visualises

In an appealing way, the Delta Viewer visualises how the Netherlands has battled and dealt with water in the past, how it is battling and dealing with water in the present, and how it will do so in the future. The set-up is quite simple: following an introduction showing the interconnectivity between the various taskings and issues, the user can view the water taskings facing the individual regions and at the national level.

Interesting for everyone

The Delta Viewer is interesting for everyone, from layman to administrator. The information is offered at various levels: after the introduction, the user can zoom in on general topics or region-specific information. The Delta Viewer has informative as well as educational value. Dutch museums such as the Watersnoodmuseum, the Watermuseum, the Museon, and the Zuiderzeemuseum have included the Delta Viewer in their permanent exhibitions. A Delta Viewer has also been installed in the House of Representatives. The Delta Viewer comprises a virtual game: the Water Distributor. In this game, the player decides how the water from the major rivers will be distributed across our country. Players immediately experience how such distribution impacts flood risk management and the freshwater supply.

Interested in experiencing the Delta Viewer?

The Delta Viewer is available to every organisation. The online version is available at