Sharing Knowledge

The Delta Programme is a knowledge-intensive programme, which seeks to make maximum use of available information. To this end, such information must be known, disseminated and capable of being shared. The Delta Facts, knowledge conferences, and the Delta Programme Knowledge Network play a pivotal role in this respect.

Delta Facts

Delta Facts

Existing knowledge is also disseminated in the form of Delta Facts : online information files with a concise summary of the state of the art knowledge of a particular issue. Existing knowledge has been amassed in a simple manner. The Delta Facts thus contribute to supporting water authorities in making choices. The Delta Facts have been developed within the context of the Delta-proof programme  set up by the Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA and the concerted district water boards.

Knowledge conferences

Since 2011, the Delta Programme has organised annual knowledge conferences, often in collaboration with a knowledge-developing organisation. With effect from 2015, the conferences are organised by the National Climate and Water Knowledge and Innovation Programme (NKWK).

In the knowledge conferences, stock is taken of what we know, what knowledge we require, and what knowledge is being developed. The object of the knowledge conferences is to encourage innovation and creativity by enabling suppliers and demanders of knowledge to liaise, and to embed such knowledge. The participants (usually some 350 – 400) represent the Delta Programme, knowledge-developing institutes, businesses, and implementing organisations. Since 2018, the conference schedule has also featured field trips. 

Knowledge network

Within the so-called Delta Programme Knowledge Network, representatives of the Delta Programme regions and topics regularly meet with delegates from research institutes to discuss knowledge requirements, available knowledge, and knowledge dissemination. The participating research institutes include Deltares, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency PBL, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute KNMI, the Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA, Delft University of Technology, and Wageningen University and Research Centre. Responsibility for the organisation of the knowledge network is vested with the staff of the Delta Programme Commissioner.