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  1. Delta Commissioner visits Flevoland

     On Tuesday 21 November, Delta Commissioner Wim Kuijken visited Flevoland at the invitation of water authority chair Hetty ...

    News item | 30-11-2017 | 10:37

  2. Eighth national Delta Conference: Continuing the work on a sustainable and safe delta

    On Thursday, 2 November, with the words “Everything comes together in water” Ferd Crone, Mayor of Leeuwarden and Chair of the ...

    News item | 02-11-2017 | 17:20

  3. Delta Programme Commissioner impressed by freshwater supply initiatives in South Netherlands

    On Thursday 12 October, Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken visited the southern provinces of the Netherlands, at the ...

    News item | 13-10-2017 | 15:12

  4. Delta Programme Commissioner visits Ameland

    At the invitation of Mayor Albert de Hoop and member of the Provincial Executive Henk Staghouwer, Delta Programme Commissioner ...

    News item | 09-10-2017 | 10:54

  5. Prime Minister Phuc invites Delta Programme Commissioner’s staff to Vietnam

    On 26 and 27 September, Delta Programme Commissioner’s Staff Director Hermen Borst attended the Mekong Delta Conference in Can ...

    News item | 28-09-2017 | 15:17

  6. Delta Programme 2018, measures to reduce the impact of extreme weather

    In order to minimise the impact of waterlogging, heat, drought, and urban flooding, this year’s Delta Programme is the first to ...

    News item | 19-09-2017 | 15:15

  7. National Delta Conference 2017, registration is now open!

    The National Delta Conference, “Continuing the work on a sustainable and safe delta”, will be held on 2 November 2017 in the WTC ...

    News item | 04-09-2017 | 14:53

  8. Rivierenland gives impetus to implementation of spatial adaptation

    By 2050, all of the Netherlands must have been “climate-proofed”. The policy plans to achieve this must be ready by 2020. Some ...

    News item | 11-07-2017 | 17:25

  9. Delta Programme Commissioner recommends tailored approach for Uitdam dyke

    The Markermeer dyke near Uitdam should be groyned on the outside; the inland bank needs constructive improvement. This is the ...

    News item | 27-06-2017 | 16:00

  10. Delta Programme Commissioner opens Haringvliet freshwater intake station

    Today, Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken opened the new Haringvliet intake station, operated by Evides Waterbedrijf. Lake ...

    News item | 20-06-2017 | 20:28