Eleventh Dutch Delta Congress

Every year, the Delta Programme Commissioner initiates the national Delta Congress for everyone who is professionally involved in the (implementation of the) national Delta Programme. Due to the measures to combat corona virus, the 2020 Delta Congress will be organised in an online format. 

The eleventh national Delta Congress will be held on Thursday, 12 November 2020. This first online conference will be broadcast live from several studios in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs convention centre. Via a live stream connection, participants can attend a live broadcast entitled “De Delta Draait Door” [As the Delta Turns].

This is followed by two rounds of substantive sessions – no fewer than eight, this year – on the topics being addressed under the Delta Programme. The topics are varied and range from Drought, Climate-proof Housing, Integrated River Management and Spatial Adaptation & the Energy Transition to Heat Stress and Sea Level Rise. 
One of the sessions provides an international perspective of the Delta Programme. Another session shows how the various governments, operating under the flag of the new Environment Act, as a single body on a joint basis, can achieve the goals set out in the Delta Programme.

In a concluding – online – get-together, delegates can meet in theme-based cafés for discussions, led by several organisations involved in the Delta Programme.

Delta Congress 2021

The Delta Programme Commissioner hopes that the national Delta Congress 2021 can once again be organised on site, in Maastricht. 

Overview of Delta Congresses 2010-2019.