The Delta Programme Commissioner seeks to fully meet the web accessibility requirements set out by the website at AA level as soon as possible. Compliance with this standard will, amongst other things, improve our website’s user friendliness and its accessibility to various target groups.

This web accessibility statement was drawn up on 15 June 2018.

This statement pertains to the following website(s):

Strategy to improve the accessibility of our website

We have taken the following measures to promote compliance with the web accessibility requirements:

  • Internal verification before publication: our editors will check all content for accessibility before anything is published.
  • Regular internal verification: our editors will regularly conduct interim content checks.
  • Software: our editors use special software to improve the accessibility of information (text, images, video), such as the Toegankelijkheidsassistent [Accessibility Assistant].
  • Employee training: our editors have completed a web accessibility training course.

Any problem with the accessibility of this website?

If you encounter any problems with the accessibility of our website, notwithstanding the measures we have taken, please tell us. View our contact details.

Web Guidelines: apply or explain

The Web Guidelines are on the list of mandatory open standards of the Standardisation Forum. All the open standards on this list are governed by the ‘apply or explain’ principle. This means that government agencies must apply the standards on the list (‘apply’), unless there is a compelling reason not to. In that case, they are obliged to account for that decision in a transparent way (‘explain’).

Central Government Online Platform

This website uses a shared infrastructure (central government online platform), which complies with the functional technical requirements of the Web Guidelines. Other parts of the Web Guidelines lay down requirements for the site’s content.