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Aanbiedingsmail DP2016 ENG

Publication | 15-09-2015

DP2016 Map 3 Freshwater Supply projects

Map | 15-09-2015

DP2016 Map 1 Delta Programme mapped out

Map | 15-09-2015

Symposium Meta-management in the Delta

Thursday, 9 April 2015 | Museum of Communication | The Hague. Report.

Publication | 31-07-2015

Speech festival Nederland Innoveert

Speech | 18-03-2015

Isn´t the government taking decisions / investing money now that could prove unnecessary at a later date?

The investments to be made in the coming years are aimed at securing our current safety level. This is something that is ...

Question and answer

Aren’t the safety requirements in the Netherlands absurdly stringent? They are far less stringent in other countries.

The Netherlands has the world’s most stringent safety requirements aimed at preventing flooding. These requirements were ...

Question and answer

What is the difference between the Veerman Committee and the Delta Programme?

In 2008, the Veerman Committee (chaired by former minister Cees Veerman) explored whether we can continue to live in the ...

Question and answer

What forms of collaboration does the Delta Programme involve?

The Delta Programme is a national programme implemented by the government, the provinces, municipalities and water boards, with ...

Question and answer

There is cooperation between all kinds of authorities but how can citizens provide their input and join in discussions regarding the Delta Programme?

Citizens can provide input for the Delta Programme at various times, through NGOs or in other ways. In recent years, all the ...

Question and answer