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  1. Room for sea level rise

    Publication | 13-06-2024

  2. Brochure outlines Delta Programme 2024 (English)

    Publication | 19-09-2023

  3. Delta Programme 2024 (English)

    Publication | 19-09-2023

  4. What are the consequences of the new policy relating to flood risk management for the standards that apply to our dikes?

    The basic principles of the Dutch flood risk management policy are crucial for the lives of both current and future generations ...

    Question and answer

  5. What is the situation with the Delta Programme and water shortages?

    There were long and exceptionally dry periods in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022. They caused a range of problems: the west, for ...

    Question and answer

  6. What has the Delta Programme accomplished so far?

    Fourteen Delta Programmes (DP2011-DP2024) with recommendations from the Delta Commissioner to the Minister of Infrastructure and ...

    Question and answer

  7. Speech Peter Glas at the 'Climate adaptation in the Netherlands and France – challenges for the 21st century'

    Speech | 21-11-2022

  8. Deltamovie 2023

    Video | 10-11-2022

  9. Brochure outlines Delta Programme 2023 (English)

    Publication | 20-09-2022

  10. Delta Programma 2023 (English) - Print version

    Publication | 20-09-2022