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  1. Does the adaptive strategy entail the risk of measures being implemented too late?

    It is important for the new Cabinet to be aware of the consequences of climate change in terms of the physical safety and ...

    Question and answer

  2. Aanbiedingsmail DP2019 Engels

    Publication | 18-09-2018

  3. DP2019 Map 3 Delta Plan on Freshwater Supply

    Map | 18-09-2018

  4. DP2019 Map 2 Delta Plan on Flood Risk Management

    Map | 18-09-2018

  5. DP2019 Map 1 Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation

    Map | 18-09-2018

  6. Delta Programme 2019 (PDF)

    Publication | 18-09-2018

  7. DP2019 D Updated Delta Programme Knowledge Agenda

    Publication | 18-09-2018

  8. Delta Programme. Working across the Netherlands #2 (video)

    At many locations in the Netherlands, including in the North, measures are being elaborated and implemented under the Delta ...

    Video | 07-12-2017

  9. DP2018 B Findings of the Signal Group

    Publication | 19-09-2017

  10. DP2018 Map 1 Delta Plan on Flood Risk Management

    Map | 19-09-2017