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  1. What about the 18,000 m3 river discharge?

    The Rhine is currently designed to safely discharge to the sea a water volume of 15,000 m3/s at Lobith. The Room for the River ...

    Question and answer

  2. What does the new flood risk management policy entail for our dyke standards?

    The basic principles of the Dutch flood risk management policy constitute a topic that is essential to life in our delta, for ...

    Question and answer

  3. How are decisions made within the Delta Programme?

    The new flood risk management policy has been established through the national Delta Programme (comprising government ...

    Question and answer

  4. Delta Programme 2016 (PDF)

    Publication | 15-09-2015

  5. DP2016 Map 2 Flood Protection Programme 2016-2021


    Map | 15-09-2015

  6. Aanbiedingsmail DP2016 ENG

    Publication | 15-09-2015

  7. DP2016 Map 3 Freshwater Supply projects

    Map | 15-09-2015

  8. DP2016 Map 1 Delta Programme mapped out

    Map | 15-09-2015

  9. Symposium Meta-management in the Delta

    Thursday, 9 April 2015 | Museum of Communication | The Hague. Report.

    Publication | 31-07-2015

  10. Speech festival Nederland Innoveert

    Speech | 18-03-2015