Eighth National Delta Congress 2017

The National Delta Congress 2017 took place on Thursday 2 November in the WTC EXPO Leeuwarden. Everyone involved in and interested in the Delta Programme was welcome to attend the conference: NGOs, the business community, knowledge institutes, and government bodies.

The plenary opening programme focused on the new Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation. In the afternoon, parallel sessions are scheduled which focused on the issues addressed by the Delta Programme: flood risk management, freshwater supply, climate adaptation, climate change and extreme weather and water governance. The topic of participation also came up during the day. The Delta Parade was the central meeting area for sharing knowledge and exchanging experience.

The plenary session and the parallel session on Spatial Adaptation were translated into English.

Do you have any suggestions or would you like to know more? Please contact the Staff of the Delta Programme Commissioner: info@nationaaldeltacongres.nl.