First Dutch Delta Congress 2010

The First Dutch Delta Conference was held on Thursday 4 November 2010 in Scheveningen. During the conference, ties were strengthened between the people working on the Delta Programme. They discussed the significance of the Delta Programme for society, the business community, science and local and national authorities. 

The Prince of Orange opened the conference after which Delta Commissioner Wim Kuijken welcomed the 1100 guests.

State Secretary Joop Atsma gave a speech in which he made it known that water safety is one of his priorities. It’s a case of all hands on deck, according to Mr Atsma, and we cannot leave the safety of our delta to chance. Mr Atsma drew attention to the great opportunities open to the Netherlands as an international leader in the field of water.

Bernard Wientjes (Chair of the VNO-NCW, Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers) and Robbert Dijkgraaf (President of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) also presented their visions of the Delta Programme.

In the afternoon, the 9 sub-programmes gave interactive and light-hearted presentations which aroused a lot of interest. Water poet Niels Blomberg of the Zuiderzeeland Water Authority closed the day with his poem entitled 'De smaak van water' (The Taste of Water). His conclusion:  "The taste of water always leaves you wanting more.”