Co Verdaas

Delta Programme Commissioner Co Verdaas

Co Verdaas has been the Delta Commissioner since 1 December 2023. In that capacity, he submits proposals for the national Delta Programme, including its financial ramifications.

The position of Delta Programme Commissioner is legally anchored in the Delta Act, which came into force on 1 January 2012. The Delta Act outlines the authorities, duties, and responsibilities of the Delta Programme Commissioner, whose duties include providing advice to Cabinet members. The Delta Programme Commissioner garners public support for the Delta Programme through media appearances and through presentations and speeches.

Progress of the Delta Programme

Every year on Prinsjesdag – the State Opening of Parliament in September – the Delta Programme Commissioner submits a proposal featuring new recommendations and measures for the Delta Programme to the coordinating Minister and the other Cabinet members involved. He promotes consultation with the administrative bodies, companies, and NGOs involved, he monitors the progress of the implementation of the Delta Programme, and reports and advises on the progress being made.

Delta Programme Commissioner Glas monitors and steers the political-administrative process concerning the Delta Programme. He does not bear final political responsibility; that responsibility lies with the coordinating Minister, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.


The Delta Programme Commissioner may participate in the Council for Financial Affairs, Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and Agriculture (RFEZIL) in his capacity as expert. This sub-council of the Council of Ministers, which is chaired by the Prime Minister, is composed of representatives of the Ministries of Infrastructure & Water Management; Economic Affairs & Climate Policy; Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality; Finance; Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation; Social Affairs & Employment; and Education, Culture & Science.

The Delta Programme Commissioner may advise the Cabinet members involved of his own accord, and, if need be, suggest that they use their powers should the progress of the Delta Programme threaten to stagnate.


The Delta Programme Commissioner monitors the coherence and progress of the Delta Programme, and garners support for measures and the overall programme at all the relevant administrative levels. In doing so, he not only addresses the national government, but also all the stakeholders involved. To this end, the Delta Programme Commissioner regularly consults with the administrative bodies involved, and if need be, he may suggest that they use their powers should the progress of the Delta Programme threaten to stagnate.