Delta Commission

In 2007, the Cabinet appointed a Delta Commission, chaired by former Minister Cees Veerman. In 2008, the Commission produced an advisory report on flood risk management and freshwater supply in the Netherlands. According to the Commission, the situation in the Netherlands is not acute, yet it is urgent.

Living, working, and enjoying leisure activities in safety

Before the Commission delved into the flood protection of the Netherlands, flood risk management was governed by agreements dating back to the 1960s. New agreements were sorely needed. The Commission studied topics such as water, living, working, leisure activities, agriculture, nature, infrastructure, and spatial planning. Their efforts revolved around the key question of how to keep the Netherlands protected against flooding, freshwater shortages and extreme weather, in order to enable everyone to live, work and enjoy leisure activities in the Netherlands in safety, now, in 50 years, and in 100 years.


The Commission’s report comprised 12 recommendations regarding issues such as the safety of the Dutch dykes, construction in flood-prone areas, and the administrative, organisational and financial aspects of flood protection measures. The full recommendations of the Delta Commission are included in the report entitled Samen werken met water [Working with Water Together]. The Cabinet has adopted the recommendations, which have resulted in today’s national Delta Programme, including the Delta Programme Commissioner and the Delta Fund.