Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme

Sea levels have been rising and accelerating in recent decades because of climate change and global warming. In time, for a vulnerable delta like the Netherlands it could have profound implications for the livability and habitability of our country. 

In 2019, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Delta Programme Commissioner jointly initiated the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme. Under this knowledge programme, government authorities, research institutes, businesses and NGOs are pursuing new expertise on the potential rise in sea level. They examine long-term scenarios and explore measures to prepare for the consequences. The programme delivers knowledge which can be used to make timely decisions about protective strategies and spatial planning for the Netherlands. 


The programme's first phase culminated in publishing an online and easily accessible 'Interim report ' in November 2023. This report provides a comprehensive and clear overview of the research results relevant to understanding and planning for sea level rise. It answers questions like; how fast are sea levels rising and can we handle it? What are the consequences for water safety and fresh water and which measures are required? 

The Room for Sea level Rise report, which was published in March 2024 presents how the Netherlands could remain safe and liveable with sea level rise by describing conceptual perspectives (technical, physical and spatial) for the long term. This report illustrates what these perspectives could look like in practice. 

Unfortunately not all our research information is available in English. If you have any questions about our programme please send an e-mail to