Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme

Sea levels are rising, and that rise has been accelerating in recent decades because of climate change and global warming. It is still unclear what course this development will take in the future. In time, it could have major implications for the liveability and habitability of our country. Government authorities, business, knowledge institutes and stakeholder organisations are pooling their forces in the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme. They are investigating the possible implications for our country. They are also looking at different long-term scenarios and exploring measures to prepare for the consequences. The programme is delivering the knowledge we can use to make decisions in time about protection and spatial planning for the Netherlands. 

The programme was initiated by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Delta Commissioner in 2019 and it will end in 2026. New research findings are published every year. The first phase of the knowledge programme extends to year-end 2023. At that time, an overview will be published with the research results available at that time (in the ‘interim report’).