The Delta Programme is alive

In the months ahead, concrete plans and measures involving the Delta Programme will receive regular media attention. This is part of the transparent and interactive process leading up to the Delta Decisions which will be presented to the House at the end of the year.

The Delta Programme is alive and that is important. Browse the papers for news: attention is being paid to concerns about the dikes in the Randstad conurbation and to the importance of the availability of freshwater for agriculture; the reports of research institutes feature in the press more often.

For the authorities involved and for civil society organisations, this attention means it is sensible to provide the context within which a proposal or measure is drawn up. After all, everything we do is aimed at arriving at investments for the years ahead which will keep our country safe and secure our freshwater supply, even if conditions change.

In this phase, all the studies, analyses and recommendations of regional and national authorities are being brought together. We are preparing for the recommendations that will be set down in the Delta Programme 2015. Nothing has been decided yet. We are in the preparatory phase. As we concluded at the fourth Delta Conference, the Delta Decisions are in sight!

Wim Kuijken, Delta Commissioner