House of Representatives interested in Delta Programme’s approach to weather extremes

At the invitation of the House of Representatives, the Delta Commissioner exchanged views with the standing committee for Infrastructure and the Environment on the state of affairs of the Delta Programme. Seven MPs took part in the discussion and showed they were highly committed to the protection of our country against high water and to ensuring a good freshwater supply.

The discussion was prompted by the recently published reports of the IPCC and the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) with new climate scenarios and their impact on decisions in the Delta Programme. The representatives of the Dutch political parties VVD, PvdA, D66, SP and CDA in attendance were particularly interested in the Delta Programme’s approach to tackling  possible greater weather extremes in the future.

In addition, various current matters were discussed, including the new water safety standards, improving the freshwater supply, public support for the Delta Programme’s work now that the decisions are due to be made, cooperation with Germany and the link between spatial planning and water.

For the MPS, the discussion also served as preparation for the General Meetings (AOs) scheduled in the weeks ahead with Minister Schultz van Haegen: on Wednesday 11 June on water quality and on Thursday 19 June on water safety.