How do we ensure that we do not make decisions or invest money too late, but also not unnecessarily?

Climate change involves uncertainty, because we do not know exactly what the Netherlands will look like in the future. However, the investments in the years ahead will focus on raising our current protection levels to the required standard. This is imperative regardless of climate change, because legal standards must be met. 

For the future, our country is prepared for a range of scenarios. The government looks a long way ahead and implements additional measures when needed. Not all measures are fixed for the next 50 to 100 years: there is also flexibility for new solutions. If developments are faster than predicted, we ensure that we have the plans in place. And if they are slower, we will not implement those plans earlier than necessary. In other words: flexibility where possible, adaptation as soon as it is needed. This approach is known as adaptive delta management: taking the right steps at the right time. In this way, the Delta Programme is prepared for unpredictable effects of climate change.