What does the Delta Programme entail?

The aim of the Delta Programme is to secure our safety in the current situation and to prepare for the future. It involves taking appropriate measures to ensure the Netherlands remains a safe and attractive country, climate-proof and water-resilient, with a sufficient supply of fresh water.

Five Delta Decisions have been prepared, which were submitted to the government in 2014. These decisions involve

  1. the safety of our (primary) dykes and other flood defences;
  2. the availability and distribution of freshwater;
  3. the water level of the IJsselmeer lake;
  4. the manner in which the Rhine Estuary-Drechtsteden area can remain safe without adversely affecting its economic value;
  5. ways to factor in water when building residential areas and constructing roads.

After the original Delta Works, which have been protecting us from water following the 1953 flood disaster, the above Delta Decisions constitute the “Delta Works of the Future”. Every year on Prinsjesdag, the state opening of Parliament, a new Delta Programme is presented that outlines the progress made with respect to the elaboration and implementation of the Delta Decisions, Preferential Strategies, and Delta Plans.