What does the Delta Programme contain?

The Delta Programme is about organising the safety of the Dutch delta, now and in the future. And about taking the right measures for a water-safe and attractive Netherlands that is climate-resilient and water-robust, and that has enough fresh water. 

Five Delta Decisions were drafted and submitted to the Dutch Cabinet in 2014. They relate to: 

  1. the integrity of our dikes and other flood defences; 
  2. the availability and allocation of fresh water; 
  3. the level of the IJsselmeer; 
  4. how the Rhine Estuary and Drecht Towns area can be protected without losing economic value; 
  5. how water can be taken into consideration during the construction of residential areas and roads. 

After the original Delta Works, which have protected the Netherlands from the water since the 1953 floods, the Delta Decisions above constitute the ‘Delta Works of the future’. Every year, on Prinsjesdag (the state opening of Parliament in the Netherlands), a new Delta Programme is published describing the elaboration and implementation of the Delta Decisions, preferred strategies and Delta Plans.