What is set down in the Delta Act?

The Delta Act stipulates that an annual Delta Programme is to be drawn up to ensure that the Netherlands is well protected against flooding and to ensure an adequate freshwater supply. 

The Act also stipulates that a Delta Commissioner must be appointed to direct the drawing up and implementation of the Delta Programme. The Delta Act also provides for a Delta Fund to finance the Delta Programme. From 2020, this fund will be fed by an amount of at least 1 billion euros. Up until that time, the Delta Fund will be fed using the current resources earmarked for water safety, the freshwater supply and water-related management and maintenance work.

The Delta Act went into force on 1 January 2012. To bridge the gap between the bill being submitted and the Act entering into force, at the request of a large majority of the House of Representatives, in an appointment decision the cabinet appointed the Delta Commissioner early and announced that a Delta Programme had to be drawn up.