What is the difference between the Veerman Committee and the Delta Programme?

In 2008, the Veerman Committee (chaired by former minister Cees Veerman) explored whether we can continue to live in the Netherlands, even under the most extreme scenarios with regard to climate change and rising sea levels, and submitted an advisory report to the Cabinet. 

The Delta Programme is the Cabinet’s elaboration of and response to the advisory report of the Veerman Committee: bringing flood risk management up to standard and being prepared for the future with five Delta Decisions. These Delta Decisions will not be based on the extreme scenarios of the Veerman Committee but rather on the changes measured and the climate scenarios developed by the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI). Thus, the Delta Programme is the pragmatic and realistic elaboration of the advisory report drawn up by the Veerman Committee. Every year, on Prinsjesdag [the state opening of parliament in September], an updated version of the Delta Programme will be published.