What is the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme?

The Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme that was launched in 2019 focuses primarily on the impact of sea level rise on flood risk management (coastal foundation, flood defences), and on freshwater supplies (salinisation issues), but also on the impacts on our economy (particularly ports and shipping), land use (including housing and leisure facilities), agriculture, and nature/ecology. The objectives of the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme are: 

  • to establish a clearer picture about developments in Antarctica and the associated sea level rise for the Netherlands; 
  • to determine the extent to which the current Delta Decisions and preferred strategies are tenable and flexible so that the coastal foundation, the flood defences, and the freshwater supplies can be maintained in a proper condition in a context of more extreme sea level rise; 
  • to explore what the different action perspectives may be after 2100. 

The first phase of the programme has now been concluded and an interim report will be published in late 2023. The second phase (2024-2026) will then begin, looking at whether existing strategies can be kept in place by making minor modifications. The consequences for agriculture, nature, renewable energy, shipping and housing construction are also on the agenda. You can read more about the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme in this brochure.