What is the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme?

The Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme that was set up in 2019 focuses primarily on the impact of a rising sea level on flood risk management (coastal base, flood defence systems), and on the freshwater supply (salinisation issues). It also considers its impact on our economy (particularly the ports and the shipping sector), on the use of space (such as housing and leisure facilities), on agriculture, and on nature / ecology. The following goals have been formulated for the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme:

  • minimising the uncertainties regarding the developments on Antarctica and the associated rise in sea level for the Netherlands;
  • mapping out the extent to which the current Delta Decisions and Preferential Strategies are tenable and expandable in order to keep the coastal foundations, the flood defences, and the freshwater supply up to par in the event of a more extreme rise in sea level;
  • exploring potential action perspectives for the period beyond 2100.

More information on the Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme.