Opening of Kadir van Lohuizen’s photography exhibition entitled “Where Will We Go”

Where do you go if you are surrounded by water? What do you do if coastal erosion causes your house to collapse into the sea? Kadir van Lohuizen’s photography exhibition raises such questions.

The Delta Programme Commissioner opened the exhibition at the Nieuw Land Heritage Centre in Lelystad on 14 January, exactly 100 years after the Zuiderzee disaster took place: 'These photographs are immensely powerful, they open a dialogue. The images of the global water problem are confrontational. You ask yourself what is happening to the people in the photos, and also if it could happen to you. We are doing our best to make sure it doesn’t. These photographs clearly depict what we want to prevent. In our country, we can work on disaster prevention and with our knowledge, hopefully we can help to reduce suffering in other parts of the world.'

The theme of the exhibition “Where Will We Go” at the Nieuw Land Heritage Centre, is the humanitarian impact of rising sea levels.