Delving deeper, making links and strengthening ties: central themes of the second conference of the National Water & Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme

Over the past year, the National Water & Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme (NKWK) has been working on 14 lines of research aimed at drawing up and launching joint knowledge agendas for water issues and climate adaptation. During the second conference, on 17 May in Fort Voordorp, Groenekan, over 400 participants shared the first results of the 14 lines of research. They also strengthened partnerships and made new links between the lines of research and other initiatives.

Tweede conferentie Nationaal Kennis-en innovatieprogramma Water en Klimaat

The Delta Programme Commissioner, who is Chair of the Supervisory board of the NKWK, called on all parties involved in the NKWK to look beyond their own domain and to work together on what needs to be done. ‘It is very important that this country stays ahead of the field in these areas of expertise. We need to achieve concrete results now,’ according to Wim Kuijken.

The conference was organised by Utrecht University, Delft University of Technology, Rijkswaterstaat (the executive arm of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), and the Delta Programme Commissioner’s staff, in collaboration with NL Engineers (Dutch association of consulting engineers) and the Vereniging van Waterbouwers (Dutch association of hydraulic engineering contractors and service providers).

The aim of the National Water & Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme (NKWK) is to collaborate on acquiring the knowledge needed to render the delta climate-proof and water-resilient.

Within the NKWK, government authorities, research institutes and businesses work together on pilots, current issues and long-term developments. They invest in knowledge and innovation and do so boldly, with vision and entrepreneurship. The NKWK brings the parties together. This leads to surprising and promising links such as between water and energy, and water and food, for example.

An extensive report on the second NKWK conference will be available here soon.