Successful collaboration in Delta Programme for the Meuse

Following a proposal by the Meuse Delta Programme Steering Group, the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment have approved a set of measures aimed at improving the flood protection level of the Meuse region. In concrete terms, the measures involve eight projects near Thorn, Venlo, Baarlo, Arcen, Well, and Oeffelt, and between Ravenstein and Lith. The relevant plans can now be further elaborated. The work must be completed before 2030. The collective governments have set aside a total of 400 million euros for this purpose, of which the State accounts for 100 million euros.

Climate change has made additional flood protection of the area around the Meuse particularly urgent. The provinces, Meuse municipalities, the central government (including Rijkswaterstaat) and the district water boards have joined forces in the Meuse Delta Programme Steering Group to draw up the plans. After all, the Meuse is a coherent whole; measures implemented at one location will have consequences at other locations.

The Delta Programme Commissioner compliments the Meuse Delta Programme Steering Group on the results achieved. It is quite an accomplishment that the stakeholders, brought together in this Steering Group, have managed to develop a joint proposal that serves both flood risk management and spatial development along the Meuse: a fine example of “shared ownership”.