Delta Programme Commissioner visits Segbroek College

In honour of the school’s 35th anniversary, the Delta Programme Commissioner visited Segbroek College in The Hague today. At the invitation of geography teacher Martin Bakker, he gave a presentation and a college tour to 200 students from secondary years 4 and 5 focusing on the subject of living with water.

 The Delta Programme Commissioner zoomed in on the topics of flood risk management, freshwater supply, and pluvial flooding. Following each topic, the students were given the opportunity to ask specific questions. The 5 Ds, viz. Delta Programme, Delta Programme Commissioner, Delta Decisions, Delta Fund, and Delta Act, were also discussed.

Following the topic of flood risk management, the Delta Programme Commissioner informed the students about instruments such as the website and 3Di, which map out situations that arise in the event of a flood, and indicate the best course of action in such cases. The Delta Programme Commissioner hopes that his presentation has challenged the students to be aware of what we need to do together in order to keep our country safe and liveable.