Working visit by Delta Commissioner Peter Glas and member of the Noord-Brabant Provincial Executive Hagar Roijackers to the Meandering Meuse project area

On the afternoon of Monday, 4 April, Delta Commissioner Peter Glas and Hagar Roijackers of the provincial authority of Noord-Brabant paid a working visit to the Meandering Meuse project. To see for themselves the splendour and power of the Meandering Meuse project area (2,650 hectares). And to hear about the plan to improve flood risk management by combining the upgrade of the Brabant Meuse dike (measuring more than 26 kilometres) from Ravenstein to Lith with room for the river, and to use that opportunity to develop 600 hectares of river nature in ways that are good for leisure and tourism.

Johan van der Schoot (alderman of the municipality of Oss), Mario Jacobs (dike reeve of the Aa and Maas water authority – chair of the Meandering Meuse steering committee) and Peter van Dijk (executive director of the Aa and Maas water authority) were also present. The weather didn’t stop them!

Successful example

Peter Glas was provided with extensive information about the approach in the Meandering Meuse project. About how ten organisations are working together on one plan to develop the area in a close dialogue with local residents and business. The approach sought to identify the interests of the various parties and to make decisions that would add value for all. During a process of this kind, it is important to listen properly and respect the interests of other people. Hagar Roijackers: "The Meandering Meuse is a successful example of an integrated, area-specific, project."

Safe homes, work and leisure

The parties involved are: the Aa and Maas water authority (leader of the project), the Rivierenland water authority, the provincial authorities of Noord-Brabant and Gelderland, the municipal authorities of Oss, West Maas and Waal, Wijchen, Natuurmonumenten, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Rijkswaterstaat. The Meandering Meuse project, Ravenstein – Lith, is part of the national Flood Protection Programme (HWBP) and the Multi-Year Programme for Infrastructure, Space and Transport (MIRT), the Water Framework Directive, the Programmatic Approach for the Main Water System and the Meuse Delta Programme, which is a part of the national Delta Programme. In the Flood Protection Programme, the water authorities and Rijkswaterstaat are working together on the largest dike upgrade operation ever since the Delta Works. At least 1,500 kilometres of dikes, as well as 500 locks and pumping stations, will be strengthened over the next thirty years. In this way, we are working on a country with safe homes, work and leisure.