Presentation of the publication about flood risk management outside the dikes

The Netherlands is known worldwide for its protective system of dikes and dams, but not all of the Netherlands is located behind dikes. The Rhine Estuary/Drecht Towns region has large unprotected areas outside the dikes: nature areas, port areas and urbanised areas where people have their homes, work, and leisure activities. The areas outside the dikes require particular attention in view of the risks of flooding, especially now that the climate is changing. The region has been working on ‘adaptation strategies’ for areas outside the dikes since 2010 and the main results have now been brought together in the digital publication ‘Ten years of working on flood risk management outside the dikes’. This digital publication was presented to Delta Commissioner Peter Glas on 15 June by the programme manager Pieter Jacobs.

Peter Glas: “Since the start of the Delta Programme, flood risk management in areas outside the dikes has received structural attention. This publication is a wonderful result of that research and the experience acquired during the last decade, which complement the existing preferred strategy of the Rhine Estuary/Drecht Towns Delta Programme. It is good to share the lessons learned, the tools developed, and the knowledge and experience with other municipalities and regions with unprotected areas outside the dikes, such as the municipality of Vlaardingen, our hosts today.”

Pieter Jacobs: “Government authorities, business and knowledge institutes have been engaged in research and executed projects as part of the Delta Programme since 2010. All the participants have contributed their own specific perspectives. It is precisely this diversity that has led to new insights and solutions. This digital publication will help municipalities, business and residents who want to work on flood risk management in areas outside the dikes. Our first step will be to share it and engage in ongoing discussions with other river municipalities in our region. But it can serve as a source of inspiration for all the municipalities with areas outside dikes in the Netherlands.”