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  1. National Deltaprogramme 2022 - Water rules

    Video | 11-11-2021

  2. The Netherlands - country of water

    Video | 13-11-2020

  3. Research Programme on Sea Level Rise (video animation)

    Recent years have shown signs that over the course of this century, the sea level may rise at a pace faster than assumed in the ...

    Video | 11-06-2020

  4. Delta Programme, working across the Netherlands 3

    Video | 01-11-2018

  5. Delta Programme. Working across the Netherlands #2 (video)

    At many locations in the Netherlands, including in the North, measures are being elaborated and implemented under the Delta ...

    Video | 07-12-2017

  6. Delta Programme, working across The Netherlands (video)

    At many locations in the Netherlands, measures are being elaborated and implemented within the framework of the Delta Programme. ...

    Video | 14-02-2017

  7. Animation Delta Decisions DP2015

    This video provides an introduction to the Delta Decisions in 3 minutes.

    Video | 13-10-2014

  8. North Sea flood of 1953 commemorated

    The North Sea flood of 1953 (Watersnoodramp) was commemorated in Ouwerkerk in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Minister Schultz van ...

    Video | 01-02-2013

  9. Working on the delta. Investing in a safe and attractive Netherlands, now and in the future

    In this film the Delta Programme is explained.

    Video | 21-09-2010

  10. Visit of Delta Programme Commissioner to Rijnmond-Drechtsteden area

    On Monday, 1 March, Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken paid a work visit to the sub-programme of the Rijnmond-Drechtsteden ...

    Video | 02-03-2010

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