Three topics

The Netherlands is a low-lying country, prone to flooding and vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. The government aims to protect the Netherlands, now and in the future, against flooding, to secure a sufficient supply of freshwater, and to contribute to rendering our country climate-proof and water-resilient. To this end, the government sets down plans in the Delta Programme. The implementation of this programme involves concerted efforts by the central government, provinces, municipalities, district water boards, and other organisations.

The Delta Programme is structured around three topics:

  • Flood risk management. We are improving dykes, maintaining the coast through sand replenishment, and giving rivers more room. Thus, we reduce the risk of flooding.
  • Freshwater supply. We are working on projects to secure a sufficient supply of fresh water, now and in the future.
  • Spatial adaptation. At many locations, we are redesigning our country in order to cope with nature’s extremes – heat, drought, waterlogging, and the impact of flooding – even if such extremes should occur more frequently and more severely in the future, as a result of climate change.