Three topics

The Netherlands is a low-lying country that is vulnerable to flooding and the effects of climate change. Now and in the future, the government wants to protect the Netherlands from flooding, safeguard adequate supplies of fresh water and contribute to a climate-resilient and water-robust country. This is why the government makes plans in the Delta Programme. The national government, provincial and municipal authorities, water authorities, Rijkswaterstaat and a range of stakeholder organisations are working together on the implementation of that programme.

The Delta Programme covers three themes:

  • Flood risk management. We upgrade dikes, maintain the coast with sand nourishment operations and give rivers more room. In that way, we reduce the probability of flooding.
  • Fresh water. We are working on projects that will safeguard adequate supplies of fresh water, now and in the future.
  • Spatial Adaptation. We are designing the country so that we can cope effectively with the impacts of climate change (heat, drought, problems with excess water and the consequences of flooding).