How are decisions made with respect to the Delta Programme?

For the Delta Programme, governments, stakeholder organisations and businesses get together to decide on policy strategies and ambitions. The Delta Commissioner uses this process as a basis for proposals in the annual Delta Programme. In addition, the condition of the country – with respect to the themes of the Delta Programme – underpins the recommendations that the Delta Commissioner submits to the House of Representatives through the Cabinet. 

The Delta Decisions adopted after Prinsjesdag (the state opening of Parliament) in 2014) were included in the revision of the National Water Plan. The re-evaluated Delta Decisions from DP2021 were included in the National Water Programme for 2022-2027. In accordance with the procedure, both the Water Plan and the Water Programme were made available to the entire Dutch population for inspection and comment. See also: How can citizens provide their input and join in discussions regarding the Delta Programme?