Young people write letter to Delta Commissioner

Four representatives of the new generation wrote a letter (in Dutch) to Delta Commissioner Peter Glas that set out their vision for the Delta Programme. Glass had asked them to do so last year because he believes it is important to include insights from future generations in the Delta Programme that he sends to the House of Representatives every year.

The young professionals and students consulted their constituents and based their views on 87 young people’s responses to their survey. Among other things, they recommended applying the Generation Test of the Young Climate Movement to the Delta Programme. The idea is that this test will ensure that the interests of the next generation will be considered in today’s decisions. They also urged, in the context of inclusiveness, giving greater consideration to groups in society that are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Other recommendations relate to raising awareness, international cooperation and establishing connections with other transitions and challenges.

The Delta Commissioner discussed the letter with the young people and agreed to take the recommendations to heart. He will look at how to incorporate them in the upcoming 2024 Delta Programme and the communications policy. “I would like to sincerely compliment the young people on their work. I hope that, in your studies, careers and later, you can also contribute to an appealing, habitable and safe delta.”