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  1. Delta Programme 2017 – Linking taskings, on track together

    Together we are staying on track and keeping up the pace in working on the taskings related to flood risk management, water ...

    News item | 20-09-2016 | 15:15

  2. Watersnoodmuseum celebrates recognition as National Expertise and Remembrance Centre for the 1953 Flood Disaster

    On 15 June, the Watersnoodmuseum staged a special event to officially celebrate its recognition as the National Expertise and ...

    News item | 16-06-2016 | 16:44

  3. Delving deeper, making links and strengthening ties: central themes of the second conference of the National Water & Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme

    Over the past year, the National Water & Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme (NKWK) has been working on 14 lines of ...

    News item | 17-05-2016 | 14:39

  4. Adaptation Futures 2016: Delta Programme Commissioner emphasises importance of adaptation

    ‘The success of an adaptation strategy is based on the awareness of urgency, on connecting local communities to a nationally, and ...

    News item | 11-05-2016 | 16:16

  5. Sea level rising more rapidly

    The media are focusing a great deal of attention on the publication by Nature magazine, in which scientists describe how the ...

    News item | 11-05-2016 | 08:34

  6. Spatial Adaptation programme facilitates first Living Lab

    We are facing the steep challenge of making our country resilient to changes in the climate. The province of Overijssel is the ...

    News item | 21-04-2016 | 11:47

  7. Well-attended Water Safety symposium: a future built on history

    On 20 April, Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken opened the joint symposium celebrating the 30th anniversary of the ...

    News item | 20-04-2016 | 15:24

  8. Rhine Estuary-Drechtsteden regional conference: implementation of preferential strategy up to steam

    On 18 April, more than 130 stakeholders attended the Delta Programme Rhine Estuary Drechtsteden Regional Conference in Dordrecht. ...

    News item | 18-04-2016 | 20:35

  9. Energy abounds at National Coast Day

    Under the motto “Creating Room for Innovation” more than 150 participants were involved in the National Coast Day in Breskens on ...

    News item | 14-04-2016 | 09:10

  10. Rhine River Day: working together on the future of the Rhine tributaries

    On 7 April, the subject of Rhine River Day was progress of the preferential strategy and related developments. Attendance was ...

    News item | 08-04-2016 | 09:54